Skull & Shackles

Adventure Log 01/25/2014
Rate ARRRRRR for Pirates!

Cliona (Megan) – (f) sylph druid, hawk named Aeryn
Granuaile (Ryan) – (f) merfolk bloodrager
Pantalin, aka Dr. P (Jana) – (m) samsaran cleric
Kasumi (Emily) – (f) kitsune gunslinger
Zash Windore (Mofro) – (m) half-elf rogue
Edwyn Orthule (Jeremy) – (m) human wizard

Notes from Jan. 25, 2014 (Scribed by Emily)

  • Port Peril – capital of the Shackles, where pirate kings live 
  • The Formidable Maid – Zash is telling stories
    • Cliona & Gran come in together, get ale oKasumi goes to listen to Zash, flirt a bit
    • Zash gets the attention of a sketchy dude (other patrons notice him and back away). Better dressed than most patrons
    • Kasumi gets a drink from a blushing sailor
    • Sketchy dude sends Zash a drink, asks for another story 
  • We all get drugged and press-ganged onto a pirate ship
    • Sketchy dude (Master Scourge) tells us to report for duty
    • Captain Harrigan (part of the council that supports the Hurricane King, supposed to be scary)
    • Gran fights back against Master Scourge
    • Grundi guy w/eyepatch, big hat, rapier – Captain Barnabas Harrigan
    • 4 other new recruits
      • Fierce Halfling woman 
      • Little gnome man 
      • Human woman 
      • Grim, scarred human man
    • Many w/ponytail and a cat o’ nine tails – Mr. Plug (1st mate)
    • We are under way, wind in sails (3 masts) 
  • DAY 1
    • Zash: swabs decks, fatigued @ the end of the day
    • Gran: runner, fatigued @ end of day
    • Kasumi: runner, great @ end of day
    • Dr. P: rope work, good @ end of day
    • Cliona: cook’s mate 
      • Cook is Ambrose Croup, aka “Fishguts” – ugly, smells like rum 
      • Kitchen has 1 goat and a chicken named Speckle and a rooster named Racket 
      • Fishguts tells Cliona that the “ship is poison”
    • Potential daily activities: 
      • Afternoon 
        • Chat up NPC
        • Shopping
        • Explore 
        • Sneak around 
      • Night 
        • Go to bed early 
        • Gamble 
        • Entertain
        • Try to influence 
        • Sneak out/explore
    • Conchobhar Shortstone (gnome man) tells Kasumi 
      • He was pulled in the day before us 
      • man w/scar (Cog) unpleasant, rumored to have volunteered 
      • Halfling is Rosie 
      • human woman is Sandara
    • Main deck – mainmast 60 ft, two other masts 
      • hatches fore & aft of main mast 
      • fore: officer’s quarters, aft: Captain’s quarters 
      • prominently displayed “sweat box” 
      • jolly boat
    • Gran talks to Halfling, makes her cry (her violin was taken away)
    • Edwyn tries to talk Mr. Plug into letting him go at the next port 
      • Mr. plug says they need everyone since “bloody hour” is coming 
      • He gets whipped twice (into unconsciousness) 
      • Gran gets pissed and punches Master Scourge (nails him, possibly breaks his nose)
      • Cliona heals Edwyn 
      • Mr. Plug says Gran is next for bloody hour
    • Dr. P sees Sandara (a priestess) talking to an orc, telling it her stuff is cursed by Basmarta and gets it back, along with Dr. P’s holy symbol and Edwyn’s spell book. They become allies.
    • Bloody Hour: Jakes Magpie – caught stealing from the stores, confessed after persuasion. Gets keelhauled. Crew reactions vary from excited to frightened/disgusted. Mr. Plug and Master Scourge look like they’ve had the most fun of their entire day 
      • Jakes had lots of cuts, lost a leg – but died of drowning 
      • Crew divided on the subject of punishing Gran (some hate merfolk as murderers, some think it’s bad luck to hurt one) 
      • She’s whipped with the cat o’ nine tails.
    • Sandara and Rosie come talk to the group 
      • Cutthroat Grok drinks with the cook in the evening, might be a good time to break into the stores
    • Gran’s manacles worth at least 2000gp
    • Harrigan raids up and down the coast, said to have been through the eye 5 times
    • Grog we get with dinner is not good (CHA bonus, CON damage), but we’re required to drink it
    • Edwyn goes to gather info: 
      • Ship is Wormwood, crew is established, came back to Port Peril to refill crew after last raid (successful, but lost about 10 crew – raid on Chelish people) 
        • Capt is hard, but generally liked, brings in wealthy targets 
        • Most raids have been on established communities, but last raid seems to have been on military targets (seemed odd to crew, but they were okay with it since the plunder was good)
      • Talks to Jack Scrimshaw (named for the game). Does a magic trick and Jack immediately stops talking to him (crew is superstitious) 
      • Sandara comes over to tell him he’s an idiot. Also that there’s possibly an officer with magic and is super scary 
  • DAY 2
    • Racket (rooster) wakes us up oSome crew members (6) corner us (we are the “freak show”)
      • One gets knocked out (dagger found when Edwyn searches) 
      • Edwyn takes the 5gp, cheap earring, lucky rabbits foot 
      • Kasumi takes the hat with a parrot feather
      • We finally get to the deck (late), get slapped in the face with a rope by Master Scourge (no actual damage, just injured pride)
    • Zash steals the dagger from Edwyn oDaily assignments 
      • Dr P – line work – falls off the rigging 
      • Cliona – “and we gotta catch ‘em” (for the stew) – catches hella fish 
      • Gran – manning bilges (does good) 
      • Edwyn – rat hunting (good) 
      • Kasumi – tying/untying ropes (good) 
      • Zash – mend torn sail (good)
    • Afternoon: 
      • Naked guy gets smacked, Mr. Plug was grumpy at him; when naked guy left, Plug glared at us 
      • Gran talked to Sandara 
        • She’d been looking to sail (her father, a sailor, died last month, she thought to honor his memory) 
        • She’ll show Gran where the stores are
      • Rosie runs into Zash, basically conscripts him into going to steal her shit from the stores
        • Get down there without being noticed 
        • Don’t disable trap but don’t set it off 
        • As they leave, they attract the attention, one of the guys (Sly) that attacked us earlier
      • Conchobhar (Kasumi talks to him) 
        • has been in the sails 
        • heard about the fight
          • said it’s pretty clear who won
          • doesn’t want to say much, but suggests we not stand out 
        • so Kasumi takes her new hat downstairs 
      • Gran & Sandara see Zash talking to Sly (part of his covering up for him and Rosie being by the stores, but they don’t know that)
    • Bloody Hour: nothing specific, so people just get lashed for being bad at their jobs 
      • Edwyn meets Badger (orc who was lashed) – diplomacy and gift of the rabbit’s foot
    • Evening: 
      • Kasumi gathers a crowd with storytelling – they’re very impressed 
      • Gran goes to talk to Cog 
        • We don’t have to play nice, just keep your head down enough until we make money
      • Cliona – overhears the officers talking about how the ‘new ones’ will have to be trained to board and given arms, so it might be a while before things happen
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